How to increase web hosting upload max file size

 admin    21 May 2021 : 20:33
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How to increase PHP max upload size

"My website doesn't let me upload files larger than 2MB"

"I get an error trying to upload larger files"

"I need to increase the upload_max_filesize"

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How to stop a non-existant webpage from redirecting

 admin    21 May 2021 : 19:16
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How to stop Apache from redirecting an HTML that doesn't exist

"vindex.html takes me to index.html even though vindex doesn't exist and there's no redirect rules"

"My HTML page is redirecting for no reason"

"My 404 page isn't coming up"

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How to use Google Workspace email with your domain name

Using G Suite email with your domain name

"I want to purchase a domain name but I don't know how to use Google email with it."

"I want web hosting but I don't know how to use my existing Google email account."

"I want to switch hosting or domain providers but I'm afraid to lose my Google email."

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